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Sustain Medical Announces National Release of TruFlo Ortho

TruFLo Ortho component  call-out graphic.

Fishers, Indiana/USA – February 20, 2023 – Sustain Medical, LLC announced today that they have released TruFlo Ortho, a unique medical device designed to reduce or eliminate surgical suction line occlusions. These occlusions are a common source of frustration for surgeons and OR teams during total joint and pelvic trauma procedures. Additionally, suction line clogs cause time delays, increase operating costs and can increase the likelihood for surgical site infections and other complications.

Company founder and CEO, Paul Beckwith stated, “We are delighted to release our first innovative product to the US market, the result of our expert development team’s collaboration. We built Sustain Medical with the intention to work with surgeons, who as the tip of the spear, know better than anyone what needs to be fixed or improved in hopes of advancing the art of surgical treatment.”

Sustain Medical brings together the surgeons who have innovative ideas with a team of experts  that cover every step of product development and distribution. They are a small but agile team, with over 100 years of shared experience in the medical device space.

The TruFlo Ortho device combines a unique in line easy clean filtration cannister with a large bore intake tube that increases suction. It also features a flexible suction tip that can be angled and will retain any shape. This provides improved performance while increasing surgical site visualization.  

“TruFlo Ortho is an example of the great things our team can do when we take a surgeon’s ideas from the cocktail napkin drawing stage, through our experienced team of design engineers, manufacturing and process engineers, clinical and regulatory experts, and then on up the chain to our marketing & business development teams.”, says Mark Miller, VP Business Development. “Internally, we call this “The Cheetah Process” because like this amazing animal, we are fast, and we are agile. The result of this process is that we can get a finished product to market quickly and more efficiently than larger medical device manufacturers. This gives us a sustainable edge and that’s what Sustain Medical is all about. ”

Contact: Mark Miller


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