Teresa Beckwith
Director of Client Relations

Teresa’s Role

As the Director of Client Relations, Teresa supports everything we do when it comes to the relationship we have with our clients and the surgeons who bring development projects to Sustain. She ensures our marketing team provides collateral documents that not only sell our products effectively but educate future and current clients as well.

About Teresa

My early career was in education. I loved teaching as it gave me an opportunity to be directly involved in the growth of young people. As my own family began to grow, I decided that my talents were most needed at home. So, I left the career I loved to raise and educate my own children. I did this for many years, but when Paul and the other founders started  Sustain Medical, I saw where my talents and passion for education could help the company make a real difference for physicians and their patients. My role at Sustain allows me to get back to my roots as an educator and a communicator and that has meant everything to me.

Teresa literally touches everything we do when it comes to the development of our corporate image, the way we communicate with our clients, and the development of our internal and external culture. Whether she’s conferencing with our marketing team, assisting in the training of our field sales reps, or interfacing directly with our clients, she brings a passion for helping people grow into their best potential.

Teresa and her husband Paul have five children and two dogs. A lifelong self-described “tomboy”, when she’s not on the job with Sustain, she’s on the job at home or can be found pursuing her passion for competitive tennis. Teresa also loves to travel and enjoys experiencing new places and cultures. She’s not one to shy away from adventure, most recently moving the family to Minneapolis to support one talented son’s dream to play hockey at the highest level.

Mark lives with his wife, Jodi and two dogs in Carmel, Indiana. He and Jodi have two sons, Ben, a gifted musician and recording engineer who lives in Denver and Nate, who’s studying at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta.

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